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Our Story

The next time you are looking for some really good Chinese food with a contemporary twist, be assured that you don’t have to look around; just head straight to the Oogway express. The makers of this dynamic eatery have combined just the right elements, the Yin and the Yang, the mysticism of the east and the contemporary set up of the west. Oogway Express is a unique concept that lets you decide the flavors that will fill your palate. The objective of Oogway Express is to give its guests an unmatched unique dining experience. The up market décor and the presentation reflect this philosophy throughout. Variable seating formats are available for families and individuals all through.


A community table concept has been introduced where once can choose to socialize too! We have meal boxes for the lunch, dinner and a complete A la carte menu keeping in mind the varied needs of our guests.

Picking on the latest culinary trends of the city, Oogway Express’s cuisine is essentially Chinese with a multitude of legacy dishes from the bowls of China. Competitively priced lunch and dinner meal menu provide value for our guests. With interiors designed to appeal to the young crowd as well as the family, the overall dining experience is something that we guarantee you have never experienced before.